Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Space Needle....

Space Needle - Never Lonely Alone

Space Needle - Bladewash

Some of you might have noticed a little red, black and yellow square over in the left hand sidebar under SVC Recommends. Clicking this could lead you to a joyful place if you were so inclined. I'm of course talking about Space Needle's 'Recordings 1994-1997' released by Eenie Meenie records earlier this year.

Space Needle were formed in 1994 by former Scarce drummer Jud Ehrbar and his co-conspirator in sound manipulation, Jeff Gatland. They released an album called 'Voyager' as a two piece.
Shortly after the release, fellow space noisenik Dan Efram joined to make a trio of like minded trip merchants.
Now, I love 'Voyager', but it wasn't until they released their follow up album in 1997 that things just got very very very good indeed.
'The Moray Eels Eat The Space Needle' is such an incredible album, it sounds like so many other things, but at the same time like nothing else on earth, well, at least back in 1997. The Animal Collective and the like have been having a cracking stab at it since and doing a bloody good job of it.

On one hand you have a reverb drenched slow picked drone like the beautiful 'Bladewash', and at the same time you have the bonkers freeform space jazz noise of 'Where The Fuck's My Wallet' with stunningly gorgeous tracks like 'Never Lonely Alone', 'One Kind of Lullaby' and 'Love Left Us Strangers' spread throughout the album. I honestly think it's one of the most underrated albums I've heard. I can see why it didn't gel with some people, mainly for the reasons why I love it. The diversity of styles on the album could put some people off. Nutso Jazz tinged noise-outs followed by blissed out hangover music, but this is why I love it so much.

Anyway, back to the 'Recordings 1994-1997'
It basically does what it says on the tin in that it's a compilation culled from all of their releases, which sadly only amounts to the two albums and a couple of singles. It's a corker of a compilation and every aspect of the bands output is covered (although 'Bladewash' isn't on it), and you should own it....
Then pay a visit to eBay or something and try and find the other four records.

And here as a little treat is my favourite track by Scarce, in all it's lo-fi jump about post grunge indie disco glory, and it is glorious.
I used to play this out a hell of a lot.

Scarce - All Sideways

This was released as a single in 1994 just before Jud left for outer space.

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