Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Welcome Stranger...

Nyack - Savage Smile
Nyack - Love Is A Stranger

I have absolutely no idea how I first heard Nyack back in 1994. None of my mates had heard of them or had their records that I remember, nor can I really remember hearing them on the radio anywhere.
They just seem to be one of those bands that appear in your record collection, thankfully though.
Savage Smile was the debut release from Nyack in 1994, they originated from Nyack in New York, but re-located to London and got signed to Echo Records. They released two singles, 'Savage Smile' & I'm Your Star' and an album, '11 Track Player', before parting company with Echo Records and re-surfacing a year or so later as Fork.
I only know all of this (apart from the releases) as I've just payed a trip to their MySpace page as I thought I should at least know something about the band and tracks that I've listened to on and off for over a decade.
I don't honestly know why more people hadn't heard of them at the time, I guess the fact that I don't really remember reading much about them at the time either might have something to do with it.
Musically they're on the gentler side of Shoegaze. More indie-pop than ball blistering squalling feedback. But I really like their music, and their version of Eurythmics 'Love Is A Stranger' would normally pass me by due to the gentle style, but it's just wonderful, and to this day one of my favourite covers...
Mind you, it was a cracking song in the first place.

Here's to all those bands that you have no idea how you got into, but love them all the same.

Buy - Nyack - 11 Track Player
Visit - Nyack @ MySpace
Visit - The Nuevos @ MySpace

Kim and Kreg from Nyack can now be found in indie quartet The Nuevos.
Now there's something else I've just found out on t'internet.
It's not bad in here sometimes eh?


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