Tuesday, May 01, 2007


John Weinland - The Loaded Gun

John Weinland - Young And Smart

Cut from the same stone that brought you Sparklehorse, Smog, Lambchop, Grandaddy, Giant Sand and all their forefathers....

Now I know there have been a trillion artist that have been compared to the aforementioned artist, but seriously, you know as well as I do that basically anyone playing a dark shade of folky country gets compared to them. And generally speaking the majority just leave me cold and very unimpressed as I'm sure they do you.
But John Weinland are one of the rare exceptions.
Once in a blue moon there comes a band that actually stands up to the comparisons, John Weinland do so, and then some.

I got this CD about six months ago or so, but sadly it was just before I moved, so it got consigned to the 'stuff I'll listen to in my new place' box.
Well it took me a while but I dug it out last week and it's been played to death and back and I still love it.
Every single track oozes the lush and beautiful voice of John Adam Weinland Shearer, John Weinland's front man and donor of their name, elsewhere in the band we have Aaron "Rantz" Pomerantz, Rory Brown, Ian Lyles and Paul Christensen with contributions from former 'Decemberist' and current 'M Ward'er Rachel Blumberg and 'M Ward'er Adam Selzer who also recorded the 'Demersville' album that these two wonderful tracks are taken from.

Demersville is just so full of stunningly beautiful moments that can make your heart melt or shatter into a million tiny pieces, often within the same softly sung line.
I honestly can't stress enough how great this album is, it's an absolute joy from beginning to end, and you really should own it.

John Weinland are currently recording their follow up and are bizarrely looking for a label.
How can a band like this not be signed???

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