Thursday, May 31, 2007


The Phantom Carriage - I Bury It With Feathers Fallen From Treetops

The new Phantom Carriage album is out. It's released as a free download on the always generous and extremely distinguished SVC Records.

SVC-014 - June 2007
'Skull Exposed To March Rain'

01. Folly
02. Gorse Fire
03. Three Wishes
04. Skull Exposed To March Rain
05. Prepare The Way
06. Lie Forsaken
07. Hawthorn Tree
08. Edward Kelley
09. Blood
10. A Brackish Spirit

Click here to go to the Phantom Carriage page on SVC Records and download 'Skull Exposed To March Rain' in glorious 256kbps completely free, including full artwork.

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The tracks have been composed by two of the reprobates from the previous release 'Late Comers', namely Mike Seed and The Palace Lido (dissolved). Co-writing credit on the last track (and album highlight) 'A Brackish Spirit' is shared with The Grinning Ape. Yes he of the famous 'The Greatest Ape' SVC007 release.

The track posted here today is simply to whet the appetite and in fact didn't make it onto the final album. It's one of those skull rattling clarian calls. You know the effect, Braaid hall eisteddfod, huge vat of questionable hot-pot, ACDC/Maiden on the record player. Head-banging to keep up with your peers, vomiting all the way home with a headache from Hell. This is the essence of the song.

'Skull exposed to March rain' is now available to download completely free along with 'Late Comers' on SVC Records...

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