Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sing It Kids...

Age of Chance - Kiss

Age of Chance - Crash Conscious

You know when you first see a band you might have a rough idea of what they'll sound like... Sonic Youth... yep, Mudhoney... certainly, Steps... yep, Michael Bolton... erm!
Well Age of Chance were a little different. I'd read about them in the inky music press for a while along with seeing pictures of them, but not heard them until The Whistle Test (they'd dropped the old and grey by this stage I think).
The cycling outfits, the attitude, the beats, the guitars, the guitars, the guitars.
Bloody ace.
And after that I just had to own their records, and what records they were, not only the great music, but you also got those stunning stunning sleeves designed by The Designers Republic. Catch a glimpse of one of them in the corner of your eye in a record shop left you with no doubt who it was by.

Age of Chance formed in Leeds in the early eighties, but didn't really make an impact until 1986 when they were featured on the now legendary C86 tape given away free with the NME.
This appearance and a session for Sir John Peel led to them signing for Sheffield's FON (Fuck Off Nazi) label whereupon they recorded their now infamous version of Prince's 'Kiss', included here for your listening pleasure along with the b-side 'Crash Conscious'. Together creating one of my favourite ever 7" singles.

As far as I know there's only one member of AoC still involved in music actively and that's their bass player Geoff T.....

Line Dancers on Acid - I'm Back Baby

Geoff has been working under a couple of different monikers.
Firstly there is Sonic Avenger putting together mixtapes of the very highest quality, while Miss Kubelik is the downtempo cousin, and Line Dancers on Acid is the old school beats and fat analogue squelchy wing of Geoff's persona.

It's the fat squelchy anologisms that get me every time, and bloody hell he's good at it.
At the moment there are only a couple of tracks out there, but I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot lot more from LDOA in the very near future, and there are also rumours that Sonic Avenger will be recording again in a similar vein to Age of Chance...
I can't bloody wait.

Sing it kids....

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I'd like to say a hearty great big thanks to mark e for bringing my attention to the works of Geoff T and reminding me how great Age of Chance were.


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