Monday, May 14, 2007


Elmore James - Done Somebody Wrong

So there's me and the wife drunk as turkeys listening to a load of old 7's that have crept like flat scarabs all over the floor, we're a skiddin' and a slidin' amongst your Kylie, some Jackieo and Fog or is that in a fog I don't know. I reach out for a little ditty by Leila called 'Feeling' but 'lo old Elmore James scuttles into view. I love this record! Great mate Roge had it on 7 first and I was green! All hail Ebay! I hunted the fecker down and consumed it. Munch. Munch. Munch.

Some facts are: Elmore hung out with Robert Johnson of the Johnsons, he fought in Guam in WWII (Where's Guam?), he first recorded for 'Trumpet' records which if I didn't know any better is without doubt one of the best names for a record label ever let alone in the 1950's. He had a hit with a song about a broom. Lennon, Hendrix and them Allman Brothers all fancied him. Who else, oh yeah what do you reckon about that Jack White, he must be a fan mustn't he...

The record was played and then it was played again. Simple isn't it. 2 minutes or so of slide guitar, big, brassy and unabashed. Yes play it again. I can so, so hear a dancehall version of this. I'm a pie-eyed mastermind.

Before bed we played 'Runaround Sue' by Dion & The Belmonts ooh let's see, what 8 times, maybe more...

Buy - King of the Slide Guitar: the Complete Chief & Fire Sessions
Visit - Elmore's MySpace He may have died in 1963 but everyone has a MySpace nowadays!

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