Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ca Plane Pour Moi...

dEUS - Roses

dEUS - Suds & Soda

So, Belgium, what's that all about then?

Beer - Yes please, very strong, very nice.
Chocolate - No thanks, prefer Cadbury's.
Plastic Bertrand - Yes please, the greatest one hit wonder ever... probably.
Adolphe Sax - Yes please, there would be no squalling alto sax if he'd not invented it.
Jacques Brel - Yes please.
Man Bites Dog - Yes please, one of the most messed up films ever.
French Fries - Yes please, strangely a Belgian invention given the name.
Django Reinhardt - Yes please.
2ManyDj's - Yes please.
Soulwax - Not really.
dEUS - Oh yes.
Half Belgian Fiance's - You're damn right.

'Roses' is possibly my favourite ever dEUS track, but not one I used to dj with a lot, I always used to opt for the nearly as fantastically wonderful 'Suds & Soda', the version here is the album version which has a little longer and a little madder ending. Please don't ask why this version ended up on the singles compilation 'No More Loud Music', I don't really know, although I guess because it has the longer madder ending....!
Perfect then.
I've been listening to the aforementioned singles compilation quite a bit in the last week, and having not really listened to dEUS for some time have been blown away by the amount of great great tracks they have. The album is just packed with songs that make me wish I was in this band.
Usually when listening to music I just admire it, love it or loath it, or even worse it raises no emotion whatsoever, but I rarely ever get the urge to arrange some very unfortunate accident involving a bass players fingers. So if you ever hear of a slot playing bass with them comes up then I'm more than up for it, otherwise I might just have to take matters into my own hands.

And just in case you're in doubt of how much fun this band sound like they're having here's a live version of Suds & Soda recorded in Paris in 1999...

dEUS - Suds & Soda (Very Live in Paris 1999)

dEUS formed in 1989 but took a few years to find their feet and sound, it wasn't until 1994 when all this culminated in their stunning debut album 'Worst Case Scenario'.
In 2000 dEUS decided that rather than split they would take some time out to pursue each of their solo projects, but happily in 2004 they were back in the studio and out on tour.
It all seems to have gone quiet again on the dEUS front since their 2005 album 'Pocket Revolution' and related singles though, I'd be glad if anyone has any news at all...

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