Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blue Moonies...

The Moonies - So Good

A bit of rough and ready fuzzy indie-pop rock anyone?
The Moonies split up in 2005 after recording a handful of singles and a couple of albums, but I don't think they ever topped this track which was the b-side of their debut 7" 'Blue' back in 2002.
Sadly, although The Moonies got off to a cracking start they seemed to smooth their sound out too much and ended up being compared to McFly...
Now, if McFly sounded like this I reckon I'd be down the front of the stage wetting my knickers too, well maybe not, but I do love this track.

It's the sort of song that weedles it's way into your brain and you find yourself humming it or trying to hit those high notes years later while in the bath.
So if in a couple of years or so you find yourself singing this then I expect you to find this little posty and leave me a comment telling me I was right for once...
Just remember to dry yourself off first, I don't want to hear of any nasty water/computer related incidents.

The Moonies were three then four cocky young gobby scamps from Liverpool, and I have no idea what any of them are up to now.
Not much of an end to the post admittedly, but at least you get a track to jump around to like a loon.

Buy - The Moonies - Blue
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