Saturday, January 14, 2006

Keep Guessin' I Guess....

Hockey Night - For Guys Eyes Only

Hockey Night - Saturday Night Gallop

Ok, let's get the obvious out of the way... Hockey Night sound a tad like Pavement, but even as a big huge Pavement fan, this actually doesn't bother me.
It probably helps I saw them by accident not knowing who they were so it took a little while to even hear the Pavement thing cause live they sounded more like their own thing with only tinges of Pavement.
Also they have two drummers and a really fun, playful presence live so it's easy to get all into them.
They also have some sorta 70's guitar influence but I don't know anything about 70's guitar stuff so I won't get into that.
Hailing from Minneapolis, you get the feeling that these are probably the nicest guys in your town (if your town is Minneapolis, I guess) who are into good music too.
What more can I say, just have a listen...

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