Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Download generation 'apathetic'

There is an report on the BBC News site today describing a recent study into the human relationship with music. The findings make pretty grim reading...

We are 'apathetic', we don't appreciate music anymore and music is simply just another commodity. Can it be true? Are 'we' apathetic, has music lost 'it's aura'? If the findings are true and music is now a commodity then surely that has as much to do with the record industry making music readily accessible (remember record shops?) as it has with the download generation and our wanton greed.

Dr. Adrian North who ran the study says that "In the 19th Century, music was seen as a highly valued treasure with fundamental and near-mystical powers of human communication."

Here's a summary of some of the points raised:
The downloading of music has led to a generation of people who do not seriously appreciate songs or performances.

Easily accessed tunes mean many music lovers are no longer excited at discovering and playing unfamiliar work.

Music has "lost its aura" and was seen as a commodity.

The accessibility of music has meant that it is taken for granted and does not require a deep emotional commitment once associated with music appreciation.

Full article here

There isn't a track posted with this, I had an MP3 of the track 'Download' by the hotly anticipated UK Hip-Hop saviour Sway ready to go but I knocked it off the desk and the cat scratched it. So what do you reckon then 'Do you still seriously appreciate songs or performances?'

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