Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I don't want to go to war!

Masquerade - (Solution To) The Problem

Ballsy great Beatbox? Check! Reagan and Thatcher samples? Present! Scratching? Yes! Robot Voice? OH YES! Apocalyptic overtones with a rallying cry of "We will work it out"? I very much think so. This was Mutually Assured Destruction on the dancefloor (not that I ever went out at the time).

I didn't know anything about the band, I think I bought the record on the strength of the sleeve. Multi racial military chic with a couple of attractive revolutionary women. A powerful cocktail for a young man living in suburbia under the shadow of the bomb, where any passing plane could be en route from Moscow laden with a deadly payload. I instinctivley trusted Masquerade to put an end the madness, I wanted to be on their side when the sirens started.
That and that this was on Street Sounds' "Electro 13".
Playing it now I feel compelled to whitewash the windows and hide under the desk. But of course the world has moved on, nuclear threat has been replaced by all manner of ways to wipe out civilisation, biological attacks, dirty bombs, suicide terrorists and bird Aids. And who will save us this time? Pretty worrying.
Masquerade, dust off your boots and decks, your time has come again.
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