Saturday, January 07, 2006

I Love Life With My Knickers Down...

Victor Scott - Gotta Go

Victor Scott - Mareel

Once in a while something turns up in my inbox that makes me smile with glee...
And Victor Scott's music certainly did that, and when I asked if if I could release his music on SVC Records and he said yes then you can imagine the big Cheshire cat grin on my face.... Joy!

So here we are, the first ever release from Victor Scott, it's a lovely mish mash of styles, a bit funky, a bit jazzy, a bit hip-hoppy, a bit latiny, a bit poppy.... it's all in there somewhere.
But as is sometimes usual with other artists with mixed styles sounding unfocused and messy... the same can't be said of Victors output...
It all sounds naturally eclectic and a real joy to listen to.

The album is called 'Happy Days' and the above two tracks are taken from it... Brilliant, I'll have to get me the album I hear you cry.... but that's not the end of it... oh no!
If you get the album then you will also get the accompanying album 'Happy Days B-Sides' for absolutely free... Double Double Good!

Her's a brief potted history of Victor Scott....

Victor was born on Daphne Street in London England.
His first pet was a cat named Bonzo after the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.
That would make his porn star name Bonzo Daphne.

During the lo-fi, 4-track, bedroom scene of the middle nineties, Victor sat around at CiTR in Vancouver BC, Canada alot.
He recorded a series of cassettes and gave them away for free.
Titles of some of the cassettes were: "Naardvark the Sanitary Elephant Sings the Blues", "Blowups Happen!", "m.chien.eyeballs", "pepsi cobra" and "Captain Bloody America".

Victor narrowly avoided fame and fortune in the post-Beck singer songwriter craze, by being too lazy to re-record the Kathleen Hanna paean "I wanna get punched inna face" without the gratuitous swearing so that it could be played on Canadian national public radio station, CBC, by Leora Kornfeld.

Deciding that he needed to expand his musical vocabulary, Victor took guitar lessons from an old jazz guitarist who had escaped Communist Germany and played with Dexter Gordon in Paris in the sixties. This led to a 7 year detour into jazz music.
Unfortunately, as he came to jazz late, his fingers could never keep up with his brain, which almost annoyed his brain. Victor subsequently returned to his first love, writing and recording songs, and discovered to his amusement that he and his PowerMac were now able to fulfill his musical visions.

Like every other musician, Victor wishes he was in Deerhoof.

So there you go.
There's a few more tracks to download from his site and from SVC Records, so get yourself over there and enjoy the wonderfully eclectic world of Victor Scott.

Buy - Victor Scott - Happy Days from SVC Records
Visit - Victor Scott


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