Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Do You Wish To See Elf Magic?...

I hope you'll help me give SVC's newest recruit a big hearty welcome for this his first post.
So erm...! Take it away Joe.


Wisp - Candlegrove

Wisp - I'm A Cube In A Cube

Imagine Aphex Twin if he still played Dungeons & Dragons (the dice, dungeon master and fake swords variety), had Legolas's ears, the giant feet of a Hobbit and a serious obsession with fungus. Now meet Wisp aka New York via Middle Earth's Reid Dunn, one of the most talented artists to emerge from the electronic net-label scene and a man who's mission statement reads something like, "Conquer, destroy, dress in medieval garb." Wisp redefines prolific. His output prior to the recent release of his first 'proper' album (NRTHNDR on Sublight Records) has seen him record over fourteen net-albums for various labels across the web.

Wisp is definitely serving up strange tasting morsels at the musical buffet. There is something magical and medieval about his melodies, which is hardly surprising from somebody who decided on his artist name while reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy. His beats are phenomenal and always inventive, ranging from the pummelling to the downright funky. He inspires dancing rather than beard stroking, skipping effortlessly from ambient to techno to drill to bonkers acid to lush electronica like a deranged, cider-addled pixie. And best of all, you can imagine him in the act of creation with a massive grin smeared all over his face.

As well as being an influence, Aphex Twin is also a fan. The notoriously hard-to-impress Lord of the Tank gave his seal of approval by dropping one of Wisp's unofficial remixes of a track from his Selected Ambient Works II album into one of his DJ sets.

There's so much of his music out there its hard to know where to start. I'd say purchase the NRTHNDR album as up until now, he's been giving it all away free and could probably do with buying a flat or something. But with so much free shit out there, and most of it of inordinately high quality, I'd also say go to the unofficial fan resource where you can download most of his earlier output, including the aforementioned Selected Ambient Works II: Reworked EP. And seeing as it's that time of year, grab the XMAS 87EP while you're there; an incredible five track EP he gave away free to his fan base last year, with sampled carols and sleigh bells woven into another selection of inventive tunes.

Visit - Wisp
Visit - Wisp, unofficial fan resource.
Visit - Sublight Records


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