Friday, December 23, 2005

For Pity's Sake, Think Of The Children!

Old Man Gloom - Hot Salvation

My God! Have you heard what's number one in the UK? There can be no justification for that level of obscene politeness in popular music.

I mean, think of the long term damage on the kids if this goes unchecked. No more painful attempts at the Anthrax back catalogue in the garage on Saturday afternoons with their mates. They'll stop doing the Metal growly voice thing because of possible damage to the throat.

They'll stop wearing hoodies. I'm worried.

As a teenager, I thrilled to the sound of Extreme Noise Terror and Napalm Death. It would please this old man no end to think that this little offering from advanced Doom Metal combo Old Man Gloom may reach the ears of today's youth and turn them from the path of wholesome tunefulness. Don't go there, kids. It's not worth it. Obey the Riff... the Riff is King...

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