Tuesday, December 20, 2005

20/12/05 - 8:45 pm The Louisiana, Bristol

Safetyword - Daily Bread

Meant to post this ages ago but quite literally just forgot about it until the last minute... Typical. They do say 'better late than never' but what's the use in finding out about something when you only have 6 hours to sort out a lift, great mates, a babysitter, plans, plans, plans... nag nag nag.

Anyway those of you out there who live within an hour of Bristol might be interested to know that Safetyword have a concert this evening at The Louisiana. If you were lucky enough to see them a few weeks ago in a basement somewhere up the Gloucester Road then you will know what I mean when I say that they're pretty 'special'. Extra-special no less.

For those who can't make it here is a taster from their last EP. I am reliably informed that the new EP is almost complete, there is just the final few arguments over phasing vocals to sort out.


Visit - Safetyword posted last June on SVC
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