Sunday, December 18, 2005

IEC1/TYPE1-TDK Part Two....

The Palace Lido - IEC1/TYPE1-TDK Part Two (mp3 51.3 MB)
(Currently unavailable... sorry)

The Palace Lido - IEC1/TYPE1-TDK Part Two (pdf artwork)

He's gone and done it again....
This is part two of a wonderful tape filler that's designed to fill a D90 cassete, part one (side one) of which was given away as part of the ongoing SVC Records Newsletter where you'll pick up lots of exclusive goodies.
If you haven't signed up for it yet then visit the news page and scroll down a little... (I'll be repeating the link for part one in the next newsletter for those who missed it).

The Palace Lido has been very busy of late, not only recording the follow up to the excellent "There's Not Enough Kindness" album released earlier this year, but with remixing tracks by future electronic superstar Grinning Ape and recording the follow up to "Late Comers" by The Phantom Carriage is well and truly underway.

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