Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Girl of my Heart

Ronaldsway - The Palace Lido

You might already be aware of SVC Records and the great music that has so far been released by The Harvey Girls, Mike Seed and The Palace Lido. If not then pop along to SVC Records and have a look/see.

'Ronaldsway' is a new track by The Palace Lido which sounds more than just a little bit stuck in 1991. Simple and repetitive, though charming nonetheless it's an electronic number which samples the shipping forecast and is named after the airport on the Isle of Man. So far so good. If you go to The Palace Lido website there a grease of delightful boodle including a snatched stash of cameraphone photographs and a couple of Grinning Ape remixes. Ape track 'Judith Chalmers' is given a filthy bassbin re-spin, snap, crackle but no pop.

The website also has the tall-tale of Claude Grahame-White an aviator from 1911 and his race against the pride of the Steam Packet fleet the 'Ben-my-Chree'. Plane vs Boat, my kind of race... but who won?

Visit - The Palace Lido
Visit - SVC Records
Visit - Grinning Ape
Visit - Plane vs Boat

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