Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Your Royal Wooziness

It’s Cold In Space - Jessamine

Rock combo. Two chords. Feed back. Hang on…this ain't no punk rock band...

It's ten years since Jessamine stepped down into their basement to record what many regard as their finest album, “The Long Arm of Coincidence”. A lot of what was doing the rounds back then was still bound by Corporate Sign on the Line Grunge, but Jessamine, well, they came from Seattle but they sure as hell didn’t fit the tiresome specification. This was more like Pram, or Stereolab with the shakes. Or Joy Division crawling through “In a Lonely Place” with Neil and Crazy Horse looking on, itching to have a crack at it.

Indulge me for a moment here, I want to go back to that basement. Such a fertile place for greatness. Step away from the world and begin. Leave time at the door. What‘s that sound off in the distance? Why, that would be Johnny and The Hurricanes…they’re still hammering away at 'Red River Rock'- yes, they faded the single but they just couldn't stop...somewhere during those lost decades they turned into Suicide, then Sonic Youth...

...meanwhile, Jessamine got out the Ouija board and summoned up the ghost of Krautrock, channelled through stammering Moogs and effects ridden power chord lurches. To me it still sounds like a fantastic template of what can be done with very little, and how important that decision to use very little is.

It's twelve minutes long, so it's probably going to take forever to download. Just buy the damn album will you, Kranky put it out for the good of all of us. Even the cover is fantastic. And remember to pass some chicken sandwiches down to Johnny and The Hurricanes, the boys are getting hungry.

Visit - Jessamine Southern Records
Buy - The Long Arm Of Coincidence - Jessamine

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