Friday, November 04, 2005

Make it snappy.

Def Leppard - Animal

Hey you, no not you, yes you. You. In my left-hand I have a difficult 'but rewarding' paean on the pain of Robert Paine the famous American Revolutionary leader and jurist by the House of Pain with Taylor Dane... Yes/No/Yes/No... and in my right-hand I have Animal by Def Leppard.

Of course it's Def Leppard everytime.

The Human League/Heaven 17/Cabaret Voltaire/Pulp/Fat Truckers/ABC/Joe Cocker/Baby Bird errrr ermm... Pink Grease. Phew! Connection? They all shop in Crystal Peaks. And the Artic Monkeys do n'all. Where? Sheffield.

Where do Def Leppard come from? Sheffield. Ah ha. Seeeeeeeeeeee.

Not many people know this but 'Animal' was written about a majestic crustacean called Bubba that was snatched from the waters of Nantucket, Massachusetts weighing a whopping 23 lbs. Based on the fact that lobsters generally take five to seven years to grow to a pound, Bubba may have been as much as 100 years old. Fancy that.

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