Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Detroit/New York

The Hacker - Jeff Mills

What is this!!!??? Sounds like someone throwing a pneumatic drill down a mine-shaft. Ahhhh so this is Waveform Transmission Vol. 1 and you would have heard it on my record player in 1992. You may well have actually heard it in the next room or down the street I don't know. You also may well have made the effort to drive all the way down to leafy Winchestertervilleshire to listen to Worlds greatest (?) Acid-jazz and got this instead, if that was you I'm sorry but really you needn't have chased us into the caravans. Bet you don't still have the hat with the small mirrors and the pointy beard? Oh you do. ok. And here's the new one from Corduroy...

Some facts. Jeff Mills was born in Detroit 1963. Formed UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE with Mad Mike Banks. Invented Techno. Yes he did.

Visit - Axis Records
Visit - Jeff Mills Wikipedia
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Voyager - Joey Beltram

I was 33 years old only weeks ago, not really much of a shock these things happen. I watched this dreadful television program on Brit-Pop, it had a girl from Sleeper, some Gallaghers (They should just make Liam TV), Damien 666 from Blur (cheer-up!) and Cocker. I wish they hadn't made it really, I liked a few records at the time and wasn't anti 'it' or anything but listening to them all bemoan becoming rich and successful beyond their wildest dreams and taking cocaine and meeting that Tony Blair and them loathing every minute of it. Oh the beauty of hind-sight. Please don't make documentaries on Brit-Pop. No-one wants to be reminded of it, even the people who were in it and in fact were it. Bloody Hell what a shower.

The thing is I was a younger man then and without sounding all 'Losing My Edge'... I was there. But where are my mementos, my trinkets, my souvenirs? Oh where are my Cast records? my Wonderwall songbook? my Suede jacket? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. However I did just find my very well-worn copies of X-101, X-102 - Discovers The Rings Of Saturn and X-103 - Atlantis and back to my 33rd Birthday I did just get a Joey Beltram 'best of' CD off of a chum. Hooray! so dig out your old bicycle lights, strip off to the waist and dance like it's 1992.

It's toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

Visit - Joey Beltram Tresor
Visit - Joey Beltram Wikipedia
Buy - Joey Beltram 'best of' iTunes

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