Monday, November 14, 2005


22-20s - Baby Brings Bad News
22-20s - Shoot Your Gun

I saw these guys by accident earlier this year and was pretty blown away by the show and then I kinda forgot about them for a while. I dunno if it's living in England now but something made me get back into them and I'm digging a couple of these songs. Oh yeah i just remembered, i joined a library a couple weeks ago and, this being england, the cd selection was all like Blur and Suede and total britishy stuff. it was cool. Anyway i checked out this 22-20's album so i could hear some more (along with a Rufus Wainwright and Spacemen 3's "Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To" haha at the library!!?) Having seen Sons & Daughters a couple times, it seems like they'd be a good bill together--both kinda bluesy rock rock rock. Kinda reminds me of some old Stones stuff I think. It's fun and makes you wanna get down down down...There's a nice little documentary on their site too.

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Watch - Performance on KCRW

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