Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pick Up Thee Camera...

Film School - Activated

Sooo...Film School, I know next to nothing about them and their site is bare bones... try Googling anything with 'Film School' in it and you'll find out about every academic institution offering cinema courses out there but no band named after this phenomenon.
Soooo... I'll just say they're from San Francisco and this is a really good song. It's kinda dreamy, sleepy in the vein of Earlimart. Also, Nyles Lannon from this band is a glitchy 'folktronica' artist in his own right and is definitely worth checking out.
*Rude interuption courtesy of Spoilt Victorian Dad*
There will be more on N.Lannon from me in the not too distant future...
As you were...

Buy - Film School - Alwaysnever
Visit - Film School
Visit - N.Lannon

Billy Childish - Girl From '62

And now to switch gears in a really un-smooth way, I was reminded of this amazing Billy Childish song tonight, importing some cds onto my laptop.
Billy at his garage-iest, sings about a girl from, uh, 1962 and he makes you want to join his urgent, lo-fi dancefest.
Word has it he has a residency at a North London club and I can't wait to find it and
see him play as often as I can when I move there.
His Buff Medways show I caught a few years ago was as incredible as it was dense with songs from his different bands as well as some great covers. He seemed like a really sweet guy. He talked alot and you kinda felt like you knew him by the end of the show.

Buy - Billy Childish - 25 Years of Being Childish
Visit - Thee Billy Childish

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