Tuesday, August 30, 2005

SVC Records label launched....

It's taken a while, and a lot of work, but I'm so incredibly happy and proud to announce that we've started a record label...

So go along and visit the brand spanking shiny new site, download some tracks... and Hell, even buy something from us if you like what you hear.

At the moment there are two releases...
The first is a great album from Mike Seed compiling tracks from the last four of his albums, along with a quite frankly bonkers version of the Leadbelly classic 'Goodnight Irene' onto the 'Songs For The Wintering Show Troupe' release.
And secondly we have an album from electro freak The Palace Lido with his release 'There's Not Enough Kindness'.

Later on in September we have two more releases lined up, one by The Harvey Girls and the other by Marek. We're also currently discussing release details with a couple of other great artists and we'll keep you informed of what's going on so keep on checking back.

The Albums are currently available as high-quality MP3 downloads (256kbps) complete with full jewel-case artwork and soon we'll be releasing our first SVC Compilation on CD so keep your eyes peeled!!

If you are an artist or in a band and don't really have much of an outlet then we'll be glad to hear from you... no matter what style of music you make, the only reservation being that we love it.

Visit - SVC Records

Happy Listening.....
And buying of course.


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