Thursday, May 19, 2005

That's Her... The One With The Big Forehead!

Red Rat - Shelley Ann

This never ceases to raise a smile...
It also features one of the greatest opening lines ever...
And it always gets me moving, so all bases covered I think...
This is taken from Red Rat's 1997 album "Oh No... It's Red Rat", so called because he says "Oh Nooo" in just about every song, but he says it so well so we'll let him get away with that.
I reckon this still sounds pretty fresh eight years on... to my ears anyway!
Since this album , the self styled Jamaican dancehall smash Red Rat (Wallace Wilson to his Mum!) has worked with plenty of people like Sean Paul, Naughty By Nature, and strangely enough... Groove Armada

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