Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Cruel antics...

The Yachts - Yachting Type

Wednesday is nearing to a close, i've had me tea, the cat's asleep hmmmm where's that Yachts 7". So then how many songs do you know where the guy laments the loss of his girl to a 'yachting type'? I only know of one, this one. Also includes the line...

"I trusted her implicitly, how could she leave with someone from the sea"

Brilliant. So then to finish off let's have SVC faves The Dirtbombs with another grand track recorded live straight to acetate in the Corduroy Lounge, Melbourne. This time sung by super-duper-producer Jim Diamond and not Mick.

The Dirtbombs - Ha ha ha

Oh well I might aswell chuck this one in aswell, it's actually one of those bits of 'music' that hovers on the borderline of being both scary and hilarious and then scary all over again. Do you comprehend?

Johnny Trunk V Kipper - Scooby Don't

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