Wednesday, April 06, 2005

This Feels Sunny...

Brendan Benson - Spit It Out

This is the kinda stuff my nerdy music friends don't get into. Ultra poppy, tho not in a bubblegum way, kind of just in a sunny, LA way. In fact, I don't really have any music friends who get into the real poppy stuff, like they can't take it seriously or something... this totally bugs me cause they can take Swedish Death Metal Techno seriously but not good pop, unless it's ironic in some way... anyways, I digress.
This is good stuff and the lyrics are sometimes unexpectedly bittersweet which I think people don't even notice because of the ultra pop, as if the lyrics are gonna be as breezy as the music.

In an interview last week, Brendan was asked if he thinks he's "this decade's Matthew Sweet." The person who told me this thought it was the most inane question ever but I dunno, I can kinda see the comparison if you're gonna compare him to someone. And to be considered this decade's anything is pretty cool since I always think that he's so underrated here in the States, but maybe that'll change soon, finally.

By the way, the design and type treatment on the new album is really lovely. I'm glad one of his records finally looks decent. Likewise, his new site has a yummmy, old timey style, tho I think it and the Arcade Fire's design are long lost cousins...

Every album of his seems to have a great song or 2 that reminds me of The Cars a little (a good thing) and I think this one is it on The Alternative to Love

Brendan Benson - Feel Like Myself Again

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