Thursday, April 07, 2005

As I Was Walking Up The Stair...

Stina Nordenstam - Proposal

This is from "And She Closed Her Eyes", a great album that is neither odd nor straight, just Stina. So it's odd in a very straight way, full of melody, beautiful sound, quiet paranoia, arrest, murder, disappointment, snow, and accidents.

She's cited Cindytalk as an influence. Ok. I expect she heard a lot of Billie Holliday when she was growing up, too. And The Carpenters, maybe. So that's Strange Fruit, Superstar and the sheer dread of Gordon Sharpe. Well, it's got to be better than Carole King.

If this was played on the morning sequence of any commercial radio station, I believe people would just stop dead mid-cereal. Really. Cars would lose all power and drift to the side of the road.

Because, you see, the Marilyn Mansons of this world don't really upset anybody that much. Pantomime is just fun. Look at me look at me. Stina, on the other hand, gives the impression of walking around like the rest of us, but somehow she can't be seen, although she can be photographed. She isn't really there. Just the songs. Even the V2 website, her own label, has no information on her at present.

I suspect she would consider that to be a compliment.

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