Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Phantom Like.....

Really sorry for the lack of posts round these parts in the last week, but I've been on holiday and sent the rest of the staff home, one of the buggers left a half drank cup of tea in the study, and SVC Mansions is looking a little dustier... but have no fear I've cracked the whip and the place will be looking just splendid again very soon.

In the mean time till the next proper post (tomorrow) how about having a look at the smashing Phantom Carriage website and listen to the album Late Comers in it's entirety that a few of us here at SVC have recorded.... and if you like what you hear get in touch via the mail link and order yourself a smart looking limited edition hand crafted CD that should be available in the next week or so.

For a little more info on The Phantom Carriage then you can read a bit about the phantom like ones here, and for an all together better written piece entirely there's this from the wonderful Pilgrim's Progress (thanks again).

Anyway, I'm off to whip the proles staff into shape.


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