Thursday, March 31, 2005

Strange Celestial Road.

The John Coltrane Quartet - Sun Ship

What came after "A Love Supreme"? Nothing, according to most record stores. Even though it is regarded - or marketed- as his great spiritual statement and the pinnacle of his art, the musical evidence suggests that Coltrane wrestled with the angels after it, and the musical fact is he continued to grow even more dazzling as a player. Which is like saying the sun got a little brighter and found new ways to shine.

"A Love Supreme" is the place most reach and choose to stay at, seeing things are rocky up ahead. A terrible shame. For anyone who ever wondered about the later stuff, I recommend the album "Sun Ship".

By this point the Quartet knew each other so well that Coltrane would come in with just a phrase and off they would go, kaboom, Elvin Jones simultaneously playing the rhythmn and around it, McCoy Tyner unfailingly melodic in the midst of everything and Jimmy Garrison doing things to the bass that I will never fathom.

Riding high on top of it all, an unbelievable talent that only Death could put a stop to, John Coltrane. Beyond words.

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