Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Pretty Flowers - Sheisse Movie
Pretty Flowers - Slut

Good old fashioned Punk Rock, sometimes you just need a bit of simple music about simple things like wanting to go to a Sheisse Movie.... and talking of filthy dirty things, that bass line is filthy dirty gorgeous!
Slut comes on like a hamfisted AC/DC/Sabbath... and that's a damn good thing...
"She went to a soccer match, showed everyone her snatch... Went to a rock show, screwed the first 15 rows"
It doesn't get classier than this... great stuff.
Pretty Flowers are a classic three piece line-up featuring (from left to right) Russ Josephs (bass and vox), Yelena Milskaya (guitar and Vox) and Danny Cashen (beats) who are based in Brooklyn, New Yoik, and are championing the Tardcore movement with their own brand of snotty garage punk rock.

Dumb Rock is alive and kicking and as much fun as ever....

And, Erm..... Yelena's pretty gorgeous too.

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