Monday, March 28, 2005

Better Late Than...

I try to only write about new or obscure-ish stuff for my SVC posts but this time I'm going BIG, but it's worth it for these Rufus Wainwright tracks.
I don't have any kind of perspective on him as I just recently became obsessed with him... i.e. he's new to me but it seems that everyone else already discovered him including my dad!?! Somehow it came up that my he has Poses so he burned it for me last time I went home and I've been totally hooked ever since... actually it may be his cabaret singer cameo in The Aviator that first got me interested (that's how late I am in this game, but whatevs)...
So on the off chance, anyone else out there hasn't discovered him yet...

Rufus Wainwright - Matinee Idol

I love this slinky song. In an interview he said it's about River Phoenix.

Luckily the kid who sits in my office has been very receptive to my recent Rufus infatuation. He relayed this great story in an interview on NPR a few years ago, Rufus was talking about how he used to watch Golden Girls with his grandmother and has these great, heartwarming memories of the show and his fave Golden Girl, Bea Arthur.
So when he saw Ms. Arthur at a party, he had to tell her how much her character and the show meant to him and how watching the show was this great bonding experience for he and his grandmother. And Bea Arthur just looked at him and said: "I'm not your fucking grandmother!!!"

Rufus Wainwright - California

(She must've heard this song.)

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