Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Phantom Carriage....

There's not much to see round here today, so might I suggest a trip to the fantastic Pilgrim's Progress for something that me and Mike here at SVC are quite proud of.....
Basically we have been working under the title The Phantom Carriage for a number of years now and using it for a kind of experimental area for music that doesn't really fit in with Mike's solo stuff or my Empire State Human gubbins (or whatever band I was in at the time)...
But to be honest the edges are now blurring....

Anyway, get yourself over to this post and see what you think.

The album will be out sometime in April....(fingers crossed)
It's going to be a limited affair so if anyone out there fancies a copy then email me or Mike and we'll see what we can do for you.

Special thanks to Sweet Billy Pilgrim and Pilgrim's Progress for listening.

Happy Easter everyone

(and Mike too)
(oh yeah, and The Palace Lido)
(and not forgetting Gypo (where's the blimmin' track))

There's a couple of Mike's solo tracks not available on his site in this here post.

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