Wednesday, February 02, 2005

We Have A Technical....

Gary Numan - M.E.

Many of you will recognise parts of this from Basement Jaxx's Where's Your Head At....
I tend to recognise it as being one of my favourite Gary Numan traxx...
This is taken from the excellent album "The Pleasure Principal", I'm not sure if it's his best album, but it has this song and the mighty "Cars" on it, so that makes it a pretty bloody good album in my book.
Gary first came to my attention in about 1979 with the album "Tubeway Army" by Tubeway Army.... another great album... (was actually released in 1978)
Then he dropped the Tubeway Army tag and had an amazing year.... 1979 saw the releases of first "Replicas" featuring "Are Fiends Electric", "Down In The Park" and "Me, I Disconnect From You".... another great album....
Which was very quickly followed by the afore mentioned "The Pleasure Principal", so within the space of 12 months he'd released 3 corking albums all well worth buying.

That's where the Numan trail ended for me and it wasn't until just recently I got round to getting some of his other earlier albums, they're OK, but not as good as the first three.... and i'm not really much of a fan of his more recent stuff it has to be said i'm afraid.
Anyway.... this is a great track.

Girls On Top (Richard X) - We Don't Give A Damn About Our Friends

And while i'm on a Gazza Tip this is my favourite track that has used his music and also my favourite Mash-up ever!!!
This is pretty much the track that popularised the whole Mash-up/Bootleg scene.
I remember the first time I got played this, my reaction.... What The Fuck Is This?????
From The Cramps intro to the Numan music and the Adina Howard vocals all blended together perfectly.
Brilliant stuff.
A few years later Richard was asked by The Sugarbabes to rework this track with them singing... the result was the Freak Like Me single and a No.1 hit.
Since then Richard has worked with Tiga, Rachel Stevens, Kelis, Prince Po, Depeche Mode, The Human League, Peaches amongst many others, but more recently M.I.A. who he co-produced with Ross 'Fat Trucker' Orton on the wonderful Arular.

Matt Sharp And Damon Albarn - We Have A Technical

And now to my favourite Gazza cover version...
This features on the tribute album Random, a pretty good double disker with offerings from the likes of Saint Etienne, the mighty Magnetic Fields,Earl Brutus and Sukia plus many more... oh yeah... and Republica...(can't have it all eh?)
Matt Sharp, along with having a successful solo career was also responsible for Weezer and The Rentals.... top man indeed.
Damon of course is in Blur and Gorillaz.... top man also.

Buy - Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle
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Buy - Random: Gary Numan Tribute
Visit - Gary Numan
Visit - Richard X @ Black Melody
And while you're there tell him to update the SVC link... And then buy lots of his records.
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