Saturday, February 05, 2005


Empire State Human - Galang-A-Porn

M.I.A. is about to become massive outside of the U.K. and quite rightly so.....

Refreshing kick to the head etc.

I'm not going to post a track from the album as the whole thing has been pretty much posted on other blog type sites...

Instead i'll post my Mash-Up thing of Galang I did in 2003....

Yeah yeah, I know, self promotion and all that, but I still really like this version.

It skillfully (?... excuse me!) mixes M.I.A.'s Galang vocals with Porno from the mighty Clinic.

It's short and sweet so see what you think anyway.

The new album Arular is a must own, so might I suggest ordering the bugger now... RIGHT NOW!.

On a side note (sort of) SVC's very own Rowche designed the sleeve and label for the original release of Galang, a snippet of which can be seen above.

Thought I might mention it as he's too bloody proud to say so himself, being so shy and retiring as he is...

The Arular album is cut with the solid steel production skills of Ross Orton (him of Fat Truckers fame) and also Mr.Richard X (him of... erm... Richard X fame)

Did I mention you should buy the album....?



And while you're at it go and buy the Three E.P.'s collection by Clinic...

You wont regret it.

Buy - M.I.A. - Arular

Buy - Clinic - 3 EPs

Buy - Fat Truckers

Buy - Richard X - Back to Mine

Visit - M.I.A.

Visit - Clinic

Visit - Richard X

Visit - Empire State Human



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