Thursday, February 24, 2005

This Is Pop...

Compute - Dance With Me

Yep, this is pop, of the totally cheesy lo-fi synthpop kind, but how damn catchy is it, great chorus.
Kind of reminds me of early Depeche Mode, and that aint no bad thing at all.
"Compute lives in a small pink room in an apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden. Sometimes Compute leaves the room and ventures out to clubs to make people happy. This has been going on for some years now, and though I'm not sure it shows in the statistics, it might have helped to keep the suicide numbers down. At least Compute hopes so.

Compute believes that the recipe to happiness looks something like this:
*Love. Lots of it. Compute loves you, and hope that you love each other.
*Bright, round blipping sounds playing melodies.

Sure, there's more to it, but this is a good starting point."

Damn right. I feel a little less suicidal from listening to this anyway, who wouldn't? bright blippy pop indeed.
Compute (known to her friends and family as Ulrika Mild), when making people happy in clubs is accompanied by her friend Renee Gustafsson playing splendid keyboards.

The e.p. this track is taken from was originally released in Sweden by Hybris in December but the lovely people at Freedom Road Records just released this in the U.K. on Monday, so do yourself a favour and go and buy it and see those snowy wintery blues just melt away with a blast of Swedish Pop

Visit - Compute
Visit - Freedom Road Records

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