Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Hank - God Slick
Hank - The Stomp Of Sloth

God, I love getting stuff in the mail, especially when it's this good....

Hank consist of one Cab Williamson and The Hank Collective, and between them they make music of the gloriously Lo-Fi variety.
These two tracks feature on the latest release How To Prosper In The Coming Bad Years, which will arrive on your doorstep with a handmade sleeve... nice.

The Following is blatantly lifted straight from their site....

"Hank was born years ago but only started speaking in 2002 when prompted by the vocal and enthusiastic Hank Collective.

There is not really a proper Hank manifesto - I mean, we're not bloody U2 or anything. Having said that, we do attempt to keep the Pop Dream alive. To learn more about the Pop Dream, consult your local reference library.

We have played nearly 30 shows, virtually all in the seething//teething metropolis of Toronto, Canada. We hope to take the Hanksound to some local old people's homes in early 2005 as well as to that strange country south of the border. The Hank Collective's dance moves are growing ever more complex and Cab is writing more pop songs for them to devour."

No sign of them getting over to the UK yet though.... Shame.
Get yourself over to their site and listen to a whole bunch of tunes then buy some stuff from them.

Listen Then Buy - Hank - How To Prosper In The Coming Bad Years
Visit - Hank

Other Things
I'd like to give a very cheery hello to the very welcome return of Smashed Robot who has recent postings on XTC and Chromeo amongst others.
He's also working on building a site based around his radio show at Radio Zero, which although still under construction has a Mix to download along with previous playlists.... Looking very good Tyler.

The Blank Generation has a brilliant massive post on The Dead Boys, great stuff.

Scott from The Ultimate Insult fame has jumped in headfirst to the MP3 blogging world by posting a whole host of his vinyl, loads of really great tracks from the likes of D.O.A., The Neon Boys, The Mighty Fall, Big Black and many more over at Strange Reaction

Hauf Jaiket is slowly working his way through the recently published list of Scotland's top 50 bands, with some great tracks from J.A.M.C., Orange Juice, Fire Engines.... and erm.... Runrig.

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