Thursday, January 20, 2005

Look Linda, I just invented Drum n Bass!

Paul McCartney - Darkroom (1980)
You can laugh but it's true.

It's 1980, You are Paul McCartney. You still wish the Beatles would get back together but you all hate each other, You have been the singer in 'Wings' for a decade and it's boring, Your thumbs ache, You have a wife and Kids to provide for but you are not allowed to eat meat and it's getting you down.
So you listen to Bowie and Kraftwerk, buy a Synth and make the craziest songs of your life!
Oh Paul, you were always the clever one!

And then he wrote.... 'Bogey Music' a song about Fungus The Bogeyman.
And then he got busted for smoking weed!

"Play the Pipes of Peace"

Buy - Paul McCartney II

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chic said...

Yes it IS true. Just listen to the song.
Invenitng pretty much everything in the sixties was not enough for Paul, he had to come up with drum'n bass in 1980.

This song is one of the most hated by Beatles fans and most beloved by McCa haters.
A masterpiece indeed.