Thursday, January 20, 2005

Come On Pilgrim....

Sweet Billy Pilgrim - Ain't No Jesus In Here

Beautiful, just beautiful....
With a gentle "Wandrin' Star" type rhythm and that soft voice, what a great song.
After spending the last part of 2004 in the studio re-inventing themselves Sweet Billy Pilgrim came up with something I think you'll agree is sublime.
October saw the release of this limited run single, and it had sold out in a couple of weeks not surprisingly.
So what does the future hold for this band?
Well if the following track is anything to go by then I can only hope great things are going to happen.... They've also got an album pretty much recorded too... Can't wait.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim - God In The Details

This is taken from the "Stars Spill Out Of Cups" ep that's released on February 14th (Valentines Day), this will also be a limited release so I suggest if you want it then you'd better be quick.
This song is a different kettle of fish from Ain't No Jesus, the first half is a lot darker, parts of it wouldn't sound out of place on a Tom Waits record, and that ain't no bad thing, the second part has a gorgeous circling vocal and piano repeated to fade.... Lovely.

Also February the 7th will see their remix of David Sylvian's "The Heart Knows Better" on his "The Good Son vs The Only Daughter - The Blemish Remixes" album, and damn fine it is too.

Shifty Disco as part of their wonderful MP3 singles club picked another track from the ep as a release.
If your interested in joining the Singles club it's well worth it, for just £12 you get an MP3 a week (some pre-release, some exclusives) for the whole year, and if that wasn't good enough you get a CD compilation every quarter of the MP3's.... Bargain.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim now have a smashing MP3 blog.....
Pilgrim's Progress
Go say hi from me.

Buy - Sweet Billy Pilgrim - Stars Spill Out Of Cups EP
Buy - David Sylvian - The Good Son Vs the Only Daughter
Visit - Sweet Billy Pilgrim
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Other Stuff
Fat Planet has written about what has happened to Moistworks, and has said everything I would have said... only better.
Cheers Fat Planet.


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