Sunday, January 23, 2005

Chemical Brothers Remixed Album.....

The folks that brought you The Prodigy remixed album Always Outsiders, Never Outdone last year have now remixed the brand spanking new (released today) Chemical Brothers album Push The Button.
The remixed album, Flip The Switch, features unofficial remixes and mash-ups by artists from the UK and US bootleg scene.

The album is free to download from Chemical Brothers Remixed.

If you like what you hear then please donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee Fund to aid relief in South East Asia after the tragic tsunami on Boxing Day.
You'll find links on the site.


1. Galvanise -'s galvatron remix feat. Katie Enlow
2. The Boxer - Fujikato's Unusual remix
3. Belive - Belief, Elektric Cowboy
4. Hold Tight London - Dunproofin's Follow Me mix feat. Katie Enlow
5. Come Inside - FakeID's Elektrophunk dub
6. The Big Jump - Backflip, Will Rokier
7. Left Right - JoolsMF Shoot'em Up mix
8. Close Your Eyes - Idiotech remix
9. Shake Break Bouce - McSleazy remix
10. Marvo Ging - Big Bad Baz
11. Surface To Air - Across the Air, Lenlow, feat. Katie Enlow

Now go and give some money!

Buy - The Chemical Brothers - Push the Button
Visit - The Chemical Brothers

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