Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Happy Birthday To You All...

Kevin Ayers - The Clarietta Rag

There's an idea about that Kevin Ayers was somehow robbed of international stardom by cruel fate. Others say he just didn't try hard enough.

Stuff and nonsense.

The "Joy Of A Toy" album came out over thirty years ago and you can still get it. In fact you can get a super expando remix version. You can still buy lots of his other albums too, even the dodgy ones. That's famous enough.

If he'd been hugely famous, he would then have become less famous and ended up on something cruel and stupid like celebrity big brother (small letters intentional). I for one would have hated that.

He's still about and people still love him. Great.

Enough chat. On this number from the album, Kevin tells the story of a groovy chick who rides her moped up and down a magic mountain. Just don't try to stop her.

He treats us to a super three note guitar solo. It goes a bit more fiddly when the brass joins in, but he holds it together.

He rhymes "Clarietta" with "Lambretta" and says "Two three four!" in a most enthusiastic manner.

God bless you, Mr Ayers.

If You Ever Feel Low You Have To....

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