Wednesday, January 26, 2005

God Exists! says Palmer

New Order - Sub-Culture
(Exclusive Remix only for Record Mirror EP #2 Jan 1986)

The famed encyclopedist Bernard Sumner was once invited to visit Studio 54 by the then empress, Diana Ross. To the embarrassment of his host and the rest of the court, he promptly launched into an animated defense of atheism. Reluctant to muzzle her guest directly, Ross hatched a cunning plan. Sumner was informed that a learned mathematician had discovered an algebraical demonstration of the existence of God and would present it before the audience.

So the mathematician Robert Palmer duly appeared and gravely declared: "Fella, (a + bn)/n = x, therefore God exists!" The upshot? Sumner, entirely unschooled in algebra, was rendered speechless; peals of laughter erupted around the room; Sumner, greatly embarassed, asked for permission to return to Manchester; and Diana gratefully bid him adieu.

I found this in a charity shop in Cotham. Only one of these is true...

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