Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Bip Bam Boogie And A Boogarooga....

Bow Wow Wow - c30 c60 c90 go!

I've been listening to quite a lot of my old Malcolm McLaren records lately, and this ties in with that as he was their manager in the early days....

He broke up the original line-up of Adam And The Antz (which I forgive him for... just about!) to put this band together by convincing them to ditch Adam and get a new singer, so they did.

Malcolm McLaren apparently spotted the 14 year old Burmese girl Myant Myant Aye singing in a Dry Cleaners where she was working after school and asked her to audition for the band... so she did, and got the job, Malcolm then changed her name to Annabella Lwin... so the band was complete.

Now to the music.....

Fast Burundi drumming, Annabella Lwin's almost rapped delivery, sharp guitars and a fast African tinged bass line.... Malcolm's tinny production had a few knockers back in the day, but I think it still sounds great, and nothing sounded quite like this in 1980... apart from perhaps ironically Adam And The Antz, but they didn't have the pin-up for a thousand adolescent boys singing for them.... oh, actually on second thoughts, they did.

Adam never looked quite as sexy as Annabella though.

Bow Wow Wow originally stayed together for three years recording four albums and had a string of hits including Go Wild In The Country and I Want Candy (their only US hit).

In 1981 a certain Lieutenant Lush (a Bow Wow Wow groupie) briefly joined the band as co-singer but was booted off the stage a short time later, he then changed his name to Boy George.... wonder what happened to him, the name sounds familiar?

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