Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Wednesday 8th...Merry Christmas All

The Salsoul Orchestra - Merry Christmas All
The Salsoul Orchestra always get a party rockin'. Infact, Salsoul records have done more than just rockin'. The genius behind Salsoul, Mr. Vincent Montana Jnr. once said, "It has been claimed that a system cranked to its 'max' at an event in California cracked a cinder-block (breeze-block) wall while playing 'Salsoul 3001'"
If only they had used such tactics to knock the Berlin wall down rather than using the 'Hasslehoff Hammer'!
I hope you like this cute little tune, it wont 'block rock' but it could blow your house down in a breezy sleazy kind of manner.
Seasons Greetings!


Visit - The Salsoul Orchestra
Buy - Swinging With Santa

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