Thursday, December 09, 2004

Thursday 9th

The Beach Boys - Time To Get Alone
I don't like The Beach Boys Christmas Album. The music is unimaginative and even the vocal harmonies sound ropey at times. That's not jingle bells that's Mike Love counting the cash and Jardine's probably pissed-up. The last track is a seasonal message to the fans by Dennis and it's a stinker, he even fluffs his lines! How long would it take to do it again? Terrible.
'Time To Get Alone' from their (also a bit scrappy) last 60's album '20/20' is a more pleasing affair. Written by Brian yet concieved mainly by Carl, 'Time To Get Alone' is The Beach Boys at their sentimental best. The part when they sing, "Looking down through the valley so DEEP AND WIDE" is amazing and for a second you are there with them.
Is it a christmas song? Well, it mentions Pine-scented air, Snow, Toboggans and Rosy cheeks so yes it is!
Tally Ho!

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