Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Tuesday 7th.... Tijuana Dance? Ouch!

The Torero Band - Once In Royal Davids City
Todays bagatelle is a familiar tune played by The Torero Band featuring the arrangements of Lounge Lizard/Charity Shop shareholder, Alan Moorhouse. Most of Moorhouse's records feature a scantly clad lady on the cover, yet The Torero Band don't require such cheap tricks, their christmas album sleeve has a picture of Santa Claws with a sombrero and a trumpet.
This is good stuff, the chords and the melody seem evermore effective on this percussive version, and to quote the sleeve notes "If you feel like dancing, why not?"
Sorry about the bad pun at the top, can I blame that on christmas? No.
Rock on.

Visit - Tijuana, Mexico

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