Sunday, December 12, 2004

Linus And Lucy

Ursula 1000 - Linus And Lucy (Remix)
And now for something that found it's way into my in-box last week that will go beautifully with your Sunday coffee and croissants.
This is from Ursula 1000 who very kindly sent me this seeing that we were getting well into the Christmas thing....
Ursula 1000 hails from Miami but is now resident in New York and has been DJing and remixing for several years now.
Although this isn't strictly speaking an Ursula 1000 mix as the ID tags reveal as it's completely unofficial, hence the FK1000 tag, but other official ones include mixes for Felix Da Housecat, The Faint, and rather suprisingly Foetus... very varied then.
Along with all the remixing he does he still finds time to produce his original material and has released a couple of albums and several singles... Check out 2002's "Kinda Kinky" LP and the brand new mix album "Ursadelica"
The original version of Linus And Lucy can be found on "A Charlie Brown Christmas" by The Vince Guaraldi Trio.
Put the kettle on, bang the croissants in the oven, put your feet up and chill...

Buy - Ursula 1000 - Ursadelica
Buy - Ursula 1000 - Kinda Kinky
Buy - A Charlie Brown Christmas
Visit - Ursula 1000

Big thanks go out to John from The Hut for the interview of a couple of delinquents he has on his great site.... Cheers John.

I at this point would like to point out that the interview was done a few weeks back before Dominic joined and before the wonderful and very sadly missed Tuwa's Shanty finally called it a day...
Also as soon as I'd pressed send I realised I'd made a massive cock-up.... I forgot to mention The Mystical Beast in my favourite MP3 Blogs....
For this I am truly sorry to Dana, an oversight of almost calamitous proportions...
(and to anybody else we forgot..... Sorry.)

There's also a new MP3 blog out there started by Declan called
Please Send Me Evenings And Weekends.
A title lifted from the great Gang of Four, so can't be bad.
Recent postings have included The Vaselines, Meat Puppets, The Wedding Present, Daniel Johnston & Jad Fair and a great Stevie Wonder cover by Ray Barretto.


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