Friday, December 10, 2004

He's Big, He's Red... He's Red Sovine!

Red Sovine - Here It Is Christmas
Red Sovine was a funny fellow. He once wrote a song about a crippled boy whose late father was a truck driver. One day, The crippled boy("Teddy Bear") gets on the CB and asks truckers to drive him around in their trucks, just like his dad used to do. Apparently, There's a sequel to "Teddy Bear" called "Little Joe" that casually mentions a miracle allowing him to walk again and of course instead of walking, he becomes a truck driver.
Need I say anything more about Red Sovine? Oh, he also wrote this Christmas song which is a sad old lament to his ex-lover. It's absurd and quite amusing but i'm not sure it's meant to be. Is he serious?
A genius either way!

Visit - Red Sovine's Grave
Visit - Red Sovine with Leroy Vandyke

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