Monday, December 13, 2004

Just give us yer f***ing money

Various - Feed The World 1984 (B-Side)
You can't take the piss out of charity records, but have you seen the Band Aid 20 video? A friend of mine pointed-out that Bono looks like one of the Skesis from Dark Crystal when he sings his line. 'Chubby Chops' from Keane could probably feed the world if he donated the toffees he bought from the tuck shop. As for Hawkins from the Darkness 'Thrusting' his guitar at the camera....that's just rude. Do you remember Band Aid 2? The lost classic? Cliff, Bros, The Pasadenas, Sonia, Stock, Aitken and Waterman.
but this is my favourite version - The B Side to the original. Listen to those good old pop stars with their best wishes and rousing words, good on em. It is a really good cause. Remember, if you are downloading this song I think you ought to send some cash to Geldof or you will rot in greedy i-Tunes hell you thieving gypsies.

Visit - Donations to Band Aid

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