Monday, December 13, 2004

To be sure, To be sure

Dennis Day and The Mellowmen - Christmas in Killarney
There was cousin O'Flaherty, Uncle O'Shaughnessy, Michael me brother and Auntie McGee, and Father and Mother were all in a dither when Terence the baby crawled under the tree!
Poetry indeed. According to legend, Dennis Day taught his young nephew to rap. He also taught his nephews mate 'DJ Lethal' how to make lucky charms. It was whilst they were rapping and 'Having a Craic' that Uncle Dennis suggested that the boys should form a band and call it 'House Of Pain', The rest is history. Oh, he also taught 'The Edge' from U2 how to play electric harp. Dennis gave him his name after he walked to close to the edge of a cliff. Interesting stuff.

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