Monday, November 01, 2004

Don't Hate The Black, Don't Hate The White, If You Get Bitten Just Hate The Bite...

This brilliant bit of footage is taken from The Ed Sullivan show in 1968 where Sly and his wonderful family performed a medley of some of their hits from the time...
Fantastic stuff.

Sly And The Family Stone - Trip To Your Heart
This is taken from their excellent debut album A Whole New Thing in 1967.
I've harped on about this album before when I posted Underdog from it a few months ago (here), but I just couldn't help posting another track....
Me bad.
Here's a bit of blurb from the Sony/Legacy site

"Back in 1967, when the interracial, mixed-gender combo burst onto the scene with their debut album, the burgeoning rock & roll subculture was, as always, hungry for fresh kicks and different sounds. But no one was quite prepared for the magical, multi-faceted musical mix Sly and company served up. Their music was an inspired blend of rock, soul, pop, jazz, and an emerging genre soon to be dubbed funk. It packed a powerful, joyous wallop, delivering all the things one hoped to find in music: The thrill of the new, the excitement of the unexpected, a galvanizing groove, and lyrics that actually said something.

This song is just a great big slab of throbbing psychedelic funk, you should just download it, play it at extreme volume, shake your booty, then go buy the album.

Buy - A Whole New Thing
Visit - Sly And The Family Stone

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